Recent Tree Planting project Dec 2023

•Tree planting took place at a square in Casablanca

Trees were planted at AMARDEV (center for visually impaired children) in 2021

AIWCC Development and Tree Projects 1996-2019

AIWCC started contributing to development projects, in addition to numerous charity projects, in 1996. These were with funds raised over and above regular fund-raising activities for charity and were for one-time start-up funds for a specific purpose. Several projects were funded through DG grants from FAWCO.
In 2000 AIWCC were inspired to rename the tree planting activities The Millenium Forest, co-sponsored by FAWCO and recognized by the United Nations as a bona fide development project. The Environment Committee of FAWCO collected donations for this project from 2000-2010

1996– 44,190 Dh
6000 trees planted in Imilchil
seed money for a womens chicken coop in Marrakech.
Literacy project in Tinzouline

1997 23,478 dh
Tinzouline Literacy Project (additional funds from FAWCO)
Hot water heater for elementary school in Marrakech
Incinerator in Taza National Park
Honey Cooperative in Oujda
Equipment for agricultural school in Meknes

 1998 23,395 Dh
Oral Hygiene project in Ameskroud- 4,500
Repairs to rural school in Tata- 5,624
Safe birth kits, Moulay Bouzarkton, Essaouira- 3338
Family planning project- Ouarzazate- 8850
Inceunerator for medical refuse- Essaouira- 1083

1999 16,137
Chicken raising womens coop Tiferorine- 6937
Transport Womens Day El Jadida- 500 dh
Latrines rural school Ait Bourili- 7000
Wool for knitting project Azilal- 1,700

2000 164,028
Take daughters to work, Errachidia and Azilal- 13,670
Safe Birth kits Sifa and Amelkis, Errachidia- 4000
Trees and book in rural schools 900.
540 trees planted in Oumoumim 13,550
Construction Womens Center Angrif -75,700
Printing public health manuels I rural areas- 7087
Creation of storybook Tashelheet High Atlas- 6,200 dh
Cassettes, Clean up the workd- 1000
Books for Youth Center Boulmane- 2978
Womens Center Azzib- 15,000
Supplies womens centers Amekhssine and Ait Oussine- 3820
Training material small business, Taroudant, Essaouira, Safi, Ouarzazate, Meknes, Fes, Sefrou
4000 Dh from FAWCO DG Horizons Ouverts (Village Schools) – Morocco

2001- 60,260 dh
3000 olives trees Gueldamane, Taza – 20,000Dh
Safe Birth Kits Azzib- 27,960
Well covers, Lakhriouya, Tata- 5,000
Artisan Fair- 1000

 2002   21,000 Dh
Fruit trees planted in Toubkal National Park 20,000
Second Artisan Fair- 1000

2003- 33,380
2,400 olive trees Taroudant area 23,380
Irrigation Project Ait Ouiftka Tafraoute, 10,000

2004  27,000
Fruit trees, Toubkal villages- 11,000
Womens Center Tafendoust, Boulmane- 16000

2005- -0-

2006 – 68,000
 2000 olive trees 15,000
Equipment for womens Center (private donation) 51,175
Classroom Dour Tannghmelt, Azilal provinve- 2035

2007 – 28,804 Dh
Desertification Trees Errachidia Province 4,800
Meknes 1500 olive trees- 10,000
Ait Merzit, Ouarzazate, trees- 4590
Jerada, plants to clean water supply -3914
Herada province, toilets for girls rural school 5,500

2008–  Operation Smile Casablanca, trees for garden 5000 Dh
4500 Dh FAWCO DG for Primary School Project – Assumer, Morocco

2009 -35,000 Peace Corps tree planting project in Ighil N’Megouan Valley, 3300 fruit trees

2010– 36,814

2011- 9,500

2012- -From Marrakech FAWCO conference- given to a Peace Corps Volunteer for trees

2013-  45,000 Dh from FAWCO DG for Ames des Ecole- rural school toilets

2014– -0-

2015- 11,000 High Atlas- 3,900 in Essaouria and 7,100 in the High Atlas

2016- 17000 given to High Atlas Foundation for trees 12400- High Atlas and 4600 memorial trees

2017– O-

2018 -0-

2019- 300 almond trees planted through High Atlas Foundation in the memory of Stella Fizazi