Every year the American International Women’s Club of Casablanca selects a few charitable organizations to provide support to. These organizations are non-profit charities that benefit the Moroccan community.  Over the course of the year, AIWCC will work with these organizations, provide volunteer services, organize drives and publicize their events to our membership and to the community.

Our charity team is continually raising funds to support these local organizations.  AIWCC holds a range of fundraising events every year.  Our biggest fundraising events are the Holiday Fair and Spring Fair. We invite vendors to sell their special items and our volunteer food committee always prepare international delicious food that would satisfy your cravings.

Also at our Spring Fair event, AIWCC celebrates these charitable organizations by inviting them to display, sell their products and publicize their charitable efforts.

We also hold Annual Garage Sale.  Your clean, sellable donations are always welcome. Contact us and we’re happy to help you pick them up.

Here are some charitable organizations supported by American International Women’s Club during the past 2 years:

  • AMARDEV : 35 000 DHS for an “embosseus” (transcribing into Braille and embossing books for young visually impaired)
  • RELAIS PRISON –SOCIETE ( New charity) : 25 000 DHS (equipment for offering ex-prisoners training in household appliance repairs)
  • AL BASSAR ( New Charity): 35 000 DHS for eye surgery, like cataract, to limit blindness among the needy
  • AMICALE MAROCAINE DES IMC: 30 000 DHS to finance the purchase of medical equipment for the disabled
  • INSAF: 30 000 DHS for mattresses for mothers and babies
  • CHILDREN’S CANCER HOSPITAL ( Service d’Hématologie et d’Oncologie Pédiatrique) : 30 000 DHS for hygiene products like hand sanitizers, tissues, liquid soap etc. very important to prevent infection (new charity)
  • U.M.P.A : 25 000 DHS for sterilization and caring for homeless dogs and cats
  • SIDI MOUMEN HOSPITAL ( Centre hospitalier de Rééducation et Réadaptation): 30 000 DHS for a new washing machine and a dryer for their laundry room


IDMAJ SidiMoumen- pilot project girls literacy 40,000Dh
SILSILA deaf children- 50,000Dh
S.A.M for migrants- 30,000Dh
NourChebab- helping at risk youth to resume state school, literacy, sewing and cooking workshops for mothers 30,000 Dh
Amis des Ecoles- 50,000 Dh rural schools- new project in Ourika Valley P&G giving a simple to use washing machine so that parents let the girls go to school instead of helping their mothers wash clothes in the river.
Goutte de lait- 40,000 Dh premature babies
Cooperative Chahrazade- 40,000 Dh – traditional dress-making workshop employing underprivileged young people including many orphans
DOUARI-20,000 Dh – Womens Coop