Every year the American International Women’s Club of Casablanca selects a few charitable organizations to provide support to. These organizations are non-profit charities that benefit the Moroccan community.  Over the course of the year, AIWCC will work with these organizations, provide volunteer services, organize drives and publicize their events to our membership and to the community. Donations are usually given during a fall General Meeting.

Our charity team is continually raising funds to support these local organizations.  AIWCC holds a range of fundraising events every year.  Our biggest fundraising events are the Holiday Fair and Spring Fair. We invite vendors to sell their special items and our volunteer food committee always prepare international delicious food that would satisfy your cravings.

Also at our Spring Fair event, AIWCC celebrates these charitable organizations by inviting them to display, sell their products and publicize their charitable efforts.

We also hold Annual Garage Sale.  Your clean, sellable donations are always welcome. Contact us and we’re happy to help you pick them up.

Here are some charitable organizations supported by American International Women’s Club during the past 5 years:

Nov 2023
1.Nassim Bidaoui- 30,000 DH table tennis (ping pong) teams for disadvantaged students. Tables, equipment, balls, shirts.
2.Goutte de lait 50,000 DH machine for mechanical syringes
3. AMARDEV 30,000 DH braille paper, software.
4. ALPC Maroc 50,000 DH – for physical education equipment for   handicapped children.
5.Relais/Prison 30,000 DH To finish buying- kitchen equipment for training classes.
6. Operation Smile- 50,000 DH – medical supplies

Nov 2022
1. A.M.I.-(therapy equipment) 15,000
2. IDMAJ- (kitchen equipment) 50,000
3. Al Ilhssane (Centre Bouafi)  (entrance gate, beds) 35,000
4. Inclusion et Insertion-(kitchen equipment) 50,000
5. Asso Inclusion et Handicap- (shock wave equipment) 50,000
6. AMES- 50,000-(computers, internal wiring) approve 40,000 (need devis)
7. Association Ritaje et Khair- (paramedical supplies, medicine) 30,000
8. Fiers et Forts- (kitchen equipment) 30,000
9. Dar Lamima-(mattresses boys center)  45,000
10. Ass. Prise en charge-(fitting out classrooms)  40,000
11. Silsila- (two multi-media rooms for preschool) 50,000

Nov 2021
The board  approved donations for the following charities- 25,000 Dh each

  • Association Prise en charge précoce
  • Goutte de lait
  • Association inclusion et insertion
  • AMES

March 30– Due to the Covid pandemic the board approved emergency funds of 33,300 Dh each
-Mouley Youssef Hospital
-Jool Association for the homeless
El Fida/Mer Sultan social services for families in the informal sector

May 2020- Additional emergency funds of 25,000 Dh each given to
Les Anges d’espoir
IDMAJ- handicapped
INSAF- single mothers
Nour Echabab

Fall 2020 25,000 dh each
Goutte de lait
Association inclusion et insertion
(it wasn’t an easy decision)


-AMI- Equipment to lift severly handicapped children
– Al Bassar- sterile packs for eye surgery performed by volunteer doctors in rural areas of Morocco
-AMARDEV- Shelving for books and braille paper for blind childrens game room
-Association Nassim- Table tennis equipment for club for disadvantaged children
-Childrens Cancer Hospital- Hygiene products to prevent infections in children receiving cancer treatment
-Centre Salmia- computers to manage patients treatments
-Fiers et Fort- Kitchen equipment to cook 200 meals/day for needy children
-Relais Prison Société- Training program for 15 teenage girls from unlawful backgrounds