Welcome! Whether you are new or old to Morocco, AIWCC is the place for you. You can meet new friends, get involved with AIWCC events and activities or get familiar with a lot of interesting places here in Morocco. The American International Women’s Club of Casablanca is an English speaking club and a volunteer-run social organization whose mission is to bring together women with common interests through activities and events and to build awareness of the Moroccan community.    

Spring Fair April 18, 2024

THANK YOU to all the volunteers and participants who helped make this event such a success!

How To Volunteer?

AIWCC has many opportunities for people who want to volunteer their time.    AIWCC is volunteer-run club and the majority of what we do is organized by our amazing volunteers. They give their time to create fun events and activities for us all to enjoy.   As a volunteer, you can also be elected to serve on the AIWCC Board.   If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, view the Events & Activities page or you may contact the AIWCC committee chairperson.   Come join us.

Charities We Support

Our aim is to help and connect with our local community by serving the underprivileged in Casablanca area. We do this through financial support, item donations, volunteering opportunities to various local charitable organizations. We also plant trees and do development projects. Please check those pages!